Clandestine Four Years Later

Dear Readers (those who still remember me)

November 2014 I wrote and completed the first draft to my first ever novel Clandestine. I have done nothing more to this story but it continues to haunt me in its unfinished state. It’s a dystopian romantic, with a lot of drama and mystery.

I need to do something. I am driving myself crazy in the fact that I am so sick and have f#*k all motivation to do anything. I can’t seem to complete my online course. I live at home and I need to find a job or at least a hobby. So I’m picking this story back up. So maybe I can finish this year completing something… So for anyone interested in following this process. I’ll try and keep you all updated at least weekly here. And classicly I’m creating a new Pinterest Board dedicated to redrafting.

I’ll be starting with Alices Letters. Cause those are the key factors to the whole story. So should be fun working with those. Will dedicate August to the letters. Every so slowly I will complete this story… hahaha

-Rachy x


Writing Update #1

I’m finally writing again. The first time in two years that I have a constant flow of ideas and enthusiasm for a project. Writing for me is a way of coping with certain things. It’s a creative outlet. Creating a world I have control over, and characters I can be friends and fall in love with when I have no in the real world. I’ve never written with the intention of other people reading. Writing for me is a like a type of journaling. It’s personal and a precious practice.

I’m picking up a project I started at the begging of this year. The first three are the origin story of this special race of gifted people. Set in late 1800’s London. Victoria Era, London (like the tomorrow people, and Xmen) A girl who can manipulate time, a boy who solves crimes, and a lot of other stuff.

This story was a random impulse. It’s Red Queen, The Infernal Devices, X-Men, The tomorrow People, Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein, and A darker Shade of Magic, all mixed together.


So that is kinda what I will be working on. I’m going to be good and keep this blog updated on it. After moving I’m going to spend a lot of time just watching my series and writing. So should get a good number of it done. Hopefully.


Rant 2016

I’m slowly taking a step back now that 2016 is coming to a close. We are now in December and Christmas is no more than 20 days away. I myself am still trying to come to grasps with how this entire year ever so slowly crumbled underneath all our feet. 2016 was the year of horrible break ups, savage personal attacks, and the loss of friends you thought had your back. It was a year of firsts and a year of lasts. It was a year of many lessons… lessons of trust, loyalty, and even harder, letting go and walking away. Dear 2016, you were not our year.

I live in a town which is suffocating me. It’s like just being here and walking the streets feels like there is a massive weight on my chest. The only way I can describe it is gray and flat. I have walked theses streets hundreds of times now, and now I just feel like screaming every step I take. I’ve been here six years, and now I want out.

The people drive me even crazier. Like Margo says “All those paper people living in their paper houses, burning up their future to stay warm. It’s a paper town! Can’t you see how fake it all is?” And it is! That’s how I see this place, this is why I can’t stay.

I did meet some passionate and inspiring people. I also met a lot of wolves in sheep clothing. And now I walk around this those scares. And to the small number of you, whether you be old or new friends; I just want to say I do truly appreciate you and love you all. And thank you all for getting me this far. And thank you to the others for allowing myself to grow through these hard times.

So now the year to come. A year of fresh starts and new beginnings. I’m hopefully leaving in January. Eight or so weeks before my course starts. So that means a lot of walking and exploring by myself. So should be a very interesting year to come. I’m ready and I’m not nervous or scared what so ever.

-Rachy x



Updates On Upcoming Series

I failed NaNoWriMo for the second time in a row…

But it got me thinking. I have a lot of story ideas that all of a sudden came together. So basically how it goes, is I came up with an idea early this year. Kinda like Xmen, but an origin story set back in victorian England. I just liked the idea of how so many series were able to go to multiple different time periods with the universe that had been created. So I’m going to pick this one back up. It’s a Sci-Fi, with a bit of fantasy tied into it. I was so in love with the idea, I don’t know why I put it down… But anyway. We’ll see where this one goes.

Stranger Things and Monsters and Men


Hello Everyone.

It has been forever since I have written on my blog here. But I am not here to talk about the time I have not been blogging. I want to talk about my new obsession, and my new story.

For the past couple of months I have been working on a new story idea, not writing, but you know thinking. Over time has developed a twisted plot, and some of my most favorite characters yet. Then only a couple of weeks ago, I hear about this new Netflix series Stranger Things has just come out. So I decided to watch. And I was not disappointed! And even more so, I was taken back on how similar it was to my own story idea Monsters and Men and my sisters story We Need Answers.

Stranger Things is a science fiction fantasy drama, set back in the 1980’s. Back in the days were science fiction in film and comic were starting to take a large hold on our western society. The story is kick started by the strange disappearance of Will Byers, one of the local kids. It involves; an investigation, science experiments, a mysterious girl, a monster, different dimensions, communication through lights, and friendship. You can’t really place one genre on this, it was that good. It’s a must see if you are into contemporary science fiction.


Now this leads me on to talking about my new story Monsters and Men. The story centers around three teens, Troye, David and Milly from a small town Taunton in Virginia. Where strange things start happening after the mysterious death of one of the locals. It’s a contemporary fantasy, maybe a bit of science fiction.  A mixture between Under the Dome, The Raven Cycle and Stranger Things. It involves; a haunting, enchanted forest, a kinship,  monsters and men. I’m still working on the synopsis and all that. Over the course of this year I have tried to write so many stories. But I have a good feeling about this one. It might even just be because this one in particular is going to be a good outlet for me.

If you guys are interested in knowing more about this story, or more about the characters and what not. Then let me know, cause I might start sharing more on here about it. I have a Pinterest board I update on it for inspiration.


Brief Update 2016

I have been gone so long. I just have no time to blog over here. I have book reviews that I need to post, writing posts I need to share, updates galore. But I just have no time… I hate having no time. But I have a small window here where I can share a little.

Favorite song at the moment.

LOVE IT SO MUCH! I honestly listen to it on repeat.


I’m currently reading the Raven Cycle Series by Maggie Stiefvater. I’m currently on the second book; The Dream Thieves. I’m actually really liking this series, it’s very different to anything I have ever read before.  At some point I will be writing an entire series review.


Also it was my birthday the other day. I turned 18!!! That means that I am legally an adult.











Also I am in the process of writing something. A kind of contemporary, fantasy, southern Gothic type thing. Called Monsters And Men. Not really going to share much about it. Cause it’s more of a personal project.

That’s really all for now. Sorry that I hardly ever post. Will try to in the near future.



Sunshine Blogger Award Tag

Hello, Readers.

I was tagged to do this tag by Wanderlust77. Thank you 🙂


  1. thank the person who nominated you
  2. answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you
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Neon or pastel?

I am more likely to go with pastel.

Sweet, savoury, sour or bitter?

Savoury, cause I am a little over sugar at the moment. And bitter, cause I tend to have really strong coffee, and black tea.

What are your main inspiration sources?

Pinterest and Tumblr

Do you have any collections? If so, how large?

I don’t have any collections… I would like to collect books, but I’m poor.

Three things that make you laugh

One: My friend Kristin

Two: Memes

Three: Vines

Which is your favourite pun?

Which are your favourite books?

*Pulls hair* This is such a hard question!

The Shatter Me series

The Fault in Our Stars

We Were Liars

The 5th Wave

The Book Theif

What books are you looking forward to reading?

The Raven Cyle

The Glass Sword

Unblemished by Sara Ella (sooo excited)

Favourite  TV shows?

Doctor Who



Pretty Little Liars

Top items in your bucket list

These are only ones that came to my head…

One: Getting my belly button pierced

Two: Go on a road trip to Agloe New York

Three: Meet John Green

Four: Go to Comic Con

Five: Get published

Six: Buy a whole lot of books! (All the books)

Seven: Try Starbucks

Eight: Kiss someone

Nine: Make an intense blanket fort

Ten: Buy a good camera

What would you like to see in a short story?

An impressive plot twist

Here are my questions:
  1. Morning or Night?
  2. Tea or Coffee?
  3. If you could spend a day with any fictional character, who would you pick?
  4. Ever broken a bone?
  5. Favorite Blog?
  6. Celebrity Crush
  7. Song you listened to on repeat?
  8. Do you sing in the shower?
  9. Any tattoos or piercings?
  10. Have you listened to Adele’s new song? Thoughts?
  11. How often do you make fandom references?

I can’t think of anyone to tag. So I tag anyone who hasn’t been tagged, to do this tag. Have fun. 🙂