Camp Nanowrimo July | Amaranthine

Hey again

So I’ve decided to give another go at doing camp nanowrimo this July. Which just happens to be my school holidays. I’m just doing this for fun. I love writing and I feel it’s a good outlet for me.

Messed up dreams = Good ideas

A couple of nights ago I had a weird dream where me and this friend (who isn’t a friend in real life) met this group of people who were immortal and they made us like them. And we had these people after us (wanting to kill us) I always seem to be chased in my dreams. And the only way to get them off our tale was for me to die. So one of the guys were with stabbed me and I died… and for the first time in my life I died in my dream. But then the twist is that after dying I could come back to life. Cause I was now immortal haha.

Making this into a story concept

So after having that dream I decided to write out a little bit and it actually seems like a really cool concept. So that is what I’m doing.

This is the name of the story.

The story is about two girls who meet these special people. And they get roped into becoming one of them. It’s based in New York 2044. And people have been vanishing. Murder and mystery. A bit of a Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson concept going on. Yes it’s a bit twisted… welcome to my Brain people.

So I’ll be interested to see how much I can get on this one. Could be fun to just play around with.



Half way through the year already

Hey all

I’m back into study again. This years been a hard one to get through, though I’ve been doing better than I did last year. This time last year I dropped out of art school and moved back home. And now I’m back in my home town, living out of home and I’m working and studying. And I haven’t dropped out yet! Yay haha!

I’m currently unable to sleep properly and have been very sick for months. Getting that fixed though slowly. I’ve got a doctors appt on Friday. Gonna go and get some sleeping pills. Hopefully I can get into a better sleeping patten and start getting up at a normal time without wanting to pass out. Cause that would be lovely tbh.

Sorry about all this ramble.

Currently just trying to deal with all the things that happened a year ago. It’s weird how you can black out everything, then a year later it’s like reliving everything in flashes and mixed memories, clearer than before. It’s tough fams.

Anyway. In my next post straight after this I’m going to talk about the project I’ll be working on just for fun for camp nanowrimo.


Film Project | The Idea

For my courses the first project we have to create something using a media/s of our choice to tell something about our selves as an identity project.

I have chosen to create a film for my first project. I am so passionate about telling stories through film, it’s such a beautiful way of expressing things. And I just love using my camera and editing.

A little backstory on why my story is what it is

Last year was a very dark year for me, I was horribly depressed, self-harming, (deeply personal soz) I was extremely suicidal and almost went through with it. So when I left my flat, it felt like I died there, like I became a ghost. All of a sudden I walked away from the horrible place into a different world. I know that all the stuff I went through is not my identity, but it sure as hell shaped. So I want to show that through a film.

The film idea

The story is about a girl who bleeds to death in her bathtub after committing suicide. But instead of a nasty looking scene, the bathtub and the sink is full of flowers, and there is soft music playing in the other room. It’s as if nothing bad happened. This Illustrates that when someone is in a dark place, it doesn’t always appear as if something is wrong. 

we then see the girls ghost (bed sheet ghost) sitting on the edge of the bath. Then from there, we see a series of flashbacks and the travel of the ghost girls journey to get to her grave. I’m actually not %100 sure right now how to execute it story wise. But I’m on my way to getting there. To wrap up the idea, it is to look pretty and pleasing, with dark undertones. I feel like that well and truly shows what I am like as a creator. Telling dark stories through something beautiful. I want to create something that won’t be forgotten after it is to watch. To impact the viewer in an emotional and aesthetically visual sense.

That’s all for now. But I will be writing more about my process along the line.






Study and Studylink

To anyone who studies in New Zealand, I’m so sorry for your troubles with our gov system…

I’ve recently just started studying again. Which is fun (I shall get into that after rant) But the one thing that is not fun is dealing with studying. I finally had my loan accepted, after filling out a whole new form and lying maybe just a little bit in order to get them to take it through. Which worked. But my allowance has not be accepted and I am purely living on the 12 hours a week that I work at downtown. I need them to fix it 3 weeks ago hahaha.

I’ve started a creative Media Course at Ucol!

So long story short I moved home from Wellington last year (cause reasons) so I dropped out of my course. I was originally planning on just working full time this year, till I noticed that Ucol in Palmerston North did an art course. Which I just thought “Eh why not” and it turns out to be a really cool and advanced school who offer some bloody amazing stuff.

We get to choose workshops of the subjects we’d like to focus on. So I am leaning towards doing, film, 3D, Animation, and Illustration. I’m really passionate about getting into filmmaking. I love filming and editing videos. I’m also very interested in the character design and getting into game design. So I have the next three years stacked up for me. I’m excited to see what happens.


Welcome To 2018 | A New Path

Hello Readers

It’s been a very long time since I’ve used this blog for anything. I attempted to NaNo a few times since writing and finishing my first novel. And a lot has happened in life since then. Though now going into 2018 I am going to be studying at Ucol in Palmerston North doing the Creative Media course. Which opens many doors for creativity to flow. And From this, a lot of projects call for working with worlds and subjects we create. So I am focusing on working on a story of which I have had at the back of my mind for a while.

I’ve been in love with historical drama with all the Royal politics. But also the wild world of star wars and Science fiction. So I am going to mix these subjects together and work on my good old Space Opera. I have always been a lover of Science Fiction. And now is a time to work with that. I don’t know too much about the story itself. Though I have a vision for it. And I hope I can keep the motive to work with it. This story can extend as long as it wills. I’m setting no boundaries. I can mix in all genres, all stories, all characters. Just have fun with it basically.


Clandestine Four Years Later

Dear Readers (those who still remember me)

November 2014 I wrote and completed the first draft to my first ever novel Clandestine. I have done nothing more to this story but it continues to haunt me in its unfinished state. It’s a dystopian romantic, with a lot of drama and mystery.

I need to do something. I am driving myself crazy in the fact that I am so sick and have f#*k all motivation to do anything. I can’t seem to complete my online course. I live at home and I need to find a job or at least a hobby. So I’m picking this story back up. So maybe I can finish this year completing something… So for anyone interested in following this process. I’ll try and keep you all updated at least weekly here. And classicly I’m creating a new Pinterest Board dedicated to redrafting.

I’ll be starting with Alices Letters. Cause those are the key factors to the whole story. So should be fun working with those. Will dedicate August to the letters. Every so slowly I will complete this story… hahaha

-Rachy x

Writing Update #1

I’m finally writing again. The first time in two years that I have a constant flow of ideas and enthusiasm for a project. Writing for me is a way of coping with certain things. It’s a creative outlet. Creating a world I have control over, and characters I can be friends and fall in love with when I have no in the real world. I’ve never written with the intention of other people reading. Writing for me is a like a type of journaling. It’s personal and a precious practice.

I’m picking up a project I started at the begging of this year. The first three are the origin story of this special race of gifted people. Set in late 1800’s London. Victoria Era, London (like the tomorrow people, and Xmen) A girl who can manipulate time, a boy who solves crimes, and a lot of other stuff.

This story was a random impulse. It’s Red Queen, The Infernal Devices, X-Men, The tomorrow People, Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein, and A darker Shade of Magic, all mixed together.


So that is kinda what I will be working on. I’m going to be good and keep this blog updated on it. After moving I’m going to spend a lot of time just watching my series and writing. So should get a good number of it done. Hopefully.